Velia Rendón

Full Name

Velia Renata Rendón


Concealer [by Alec], Young One [by Aro and Jane]





Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color


Skin Color



Basic Vampire Powers

Special Abilites

To conceal herself or others completely, none of the 5 senses can find her



"You'd think my infatuation with Alec would cease, but I guess something about him being there for me from the start resonates with me."
-Velia ranting to Bella about Alec.

Velia Renata Rendón, was born to Gabriel and Adela Rendón around the 1400s in Barcelona, Spain. She was later recruited by the Volturi after Alec had observed her concealing powers in their human carnation. Her parents were killed by Demetri and Felix, Alec has never told her this factor in her transformation. As a vampire Velia is somewhat untrusting of the Volturi, but is nonethless, loyal towards them. Velia is described as being one of the fastest vampires in the world, even faster than Edward Cullen, but as graceful as Alice Cullen. She can be very stubborn when not following orders directly from Aro, Caius or Marcus and very independant. Her concealing powers have magnified and she can now hide herself completely, this includes cutting off all of the senses of a person when aimed at her, making her practically invisible. Velia over time fell in love with Alec, although she does playfully tease him when they are alone. Velia was transformed when she was 16 years old and thus held a desire to have a child, she lost all hope when she was told that vampires couldn't bear children. She obeys vampire laws and holds anyone in contempt for disobeying the law. Although this is overlooked when she witnessed Edward's love for Bella in the hall of the Volturi, thus allowing her to become more open-minded towards everything, this displeases Alec.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Velia was born into a poor Spanish family and was the only child of Gabriel and Adela Rendón. She attended school for a little while, but dropped out due to the fact that her parents couldn't pay for her education. Her dream was to become a doctor and make a better life for her family. Velia was accused of using witchcraft when an old classmate of hers spotted her dissapearing in the middle of the street. She was beaten and sent to burn at the stake, all the while not knowing that her parents had been killed. Velia had suffered broken ribs, a cracked skull and many broken bones as a result of the beatings. She was kidnapped by Alec and was transformed by him under Aro's orders.

Vampire Life Edit

As a newborn Velia was kept in a large room, where her food was brought to her and she could be kept under constant watch by the Volturi Guard. Alec developed a liking towards her and soon asked Aro if he could be the only one to watch her. Aro granted his wish.