"I don't like using my gift... It is horrifying."

Rozalia: able to induce torment onto others.

Torment Inducement is Rozalia Cipriano'gift to inflict torment and suffering on others.

Description             Edit

Rozalia is able to induce and torture someone's mind with tormenting illusions and thoughts or memories from the past, present, or future. It can be done in different degrees of intensity, ranging from mild to intolerance and to physical suffering. The scale of this gift can vary from a single person to a large group of people. The time can also vary from only minutes to what feels like an eternity.

She can also torment people mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

This gift works both physically and mentally, though it woks mostly in the mental aspect, using illusions.


Bella and Alessandra are able to shield themselves, and others, from the mental aspects of Rozalia's gift. To use this gift on a large group of people is mentally exhausting for Rozalia. Also, it is easier for her to make contact with a person to use her gift than it is to use it at a distance.



As a human, Rozalia was abused by her family and bullied by her peers. She was very secluded and alone, wishing she was able to defend herself and get back at the people who hurt her. Her feelings manifested into her gift of torment inducement when she was changed.


After she was changed, Rozalia immediately seeked revenge and used her gift to torture and kill all the humans who abused and bullied her. She quickly realizes how horrifying her gift was and learns to master it and control it.

She only uses her gift when the Cipriano coven is threatened.

Similar AbilitiesEdit

  • 100px-1 Jane


    Jane's gift is similar to Rozalia's. She can make any one person she focuses on experience excrutiating illusory pain of fire, which is comparable to the pain of being burned alive.