"The past... the present... the future... they are mine to see."

Izabela: capable of seeing the past, present, and future.

Time Sight is Izabela Ivanov'gift to see the past, present, and future.

Description    Edit

Izabela can see any point in time, from only a few days, to months, or even to years. She can sometimes receive her visions at will.  She can use her visisons to keep tabs on people. Some visions come to her if there is a connection between her and the source of the vision; it doesn't matter if the vision comes from the past, present, or future. 

In a fight, she can use her visions to anticipate her enemies moves and avoid them, or worse, turn their own move against them.

She can focus on several objects at the same time, though only as much as her mind can comprehend. Several visions can come to her at once if the situation forces more objects together.

Unlike Alice Cullen, Izabela can see shape-shifters and vampire hybrids.

Izabela's visions are no illusion of the mind, but rooted into reality, and therefore, no shield can stop her.


Her visions of the future are subjective; she can only see the future once a decision affecting it has been made, and some visions are more certain than others. The visions can change if the subject changes her/his mind, meaning sometimes it can change too quickly for her to see clearly. If a decision still hasn't been made, her visions will remain fuzzy and unclear, and she will see different "pictures" until it's decided. And at times, other decisions that concern her subject can affect her visions.

Her subjects can "hide" from her vision by being indecisive.



Izabela had been able to see visions since she was young. However, whenever she had a vision, she would either draw or paint it, as it would help her to channel her visions because they were so blurry and confusing for her. Sometimes, her predictions weren't always certain.

She kept her visions to herself for her entire life. One day, she had a vision of her best friend dying because her house had caught on fire. Izabela tried to warn her friend, but her friend didn't believe her and thought she was pulling a prank. The night of the fire, she tried to rescue her best friend, however, she ended up getting caught in the fire and passing out. 

Unbeknownst to Izabela, she was saved from the fire by Marcello, who had been watching her for years and observing her power. He changed her into a vampire. By changing into a vampire, Izabela's visions were strengthened and she got the gift, time sight.


With the help of Marcello, and later Theodore, Izabela was able to master her gift of time sight. She uses it to protect the Cipriano coven; they plan out any movements and search for any threats to the coven.

Similar AbilitiesEdit

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    Alice's ability of precognition allows her predict future events using mechanisms other than the five senses.