Chapter OneEdit

Oh crap, I cut my finger. It stings really bad. I gasp and wince. My jaw tightens a bit. Then I simply shake my hand. I sigh and actually smile. I walk inside my house. Someone is standing in my kicthen, some teenager. "Hey kid," He says. I was confused. My parents weren't home and some weirdo was staying there! "You want a new life? I mean, come on." He says. For some reason I don't know, I nod. He grabs me, and looks at finger that is cut. He winces and shoves me out the door, into a car. I am confused. "What's going on?" I ask. The man doesn't answer me. We finally come to a stop. He grabs me again, breaking my arm. I yelp in pain. He doesn't seem to notice. He drags me into this house, It's dark. Inside is this sweet voice. "So this is the best you could do, Riley!? She's so.... short." The women's voice says. I am guessing Riley was the one holding on to me. I yelped in pain again. I could feel the women looking at me.

"Victoria, There is something about this one, I swear. And she's Deigo's cousin." Riley says to Victoria. I yelp in pain again as Riley crushs my broken arm more. I can feel Victoria looking at me. "Fine." She says, Almost a growl. Then she walks up to me. She takes my head in her hands. Her hands are cold and are so pale I can see them.