"No Human or Vampire can kill an Original"
―Carlisle on the Originals.

The Originals Series reveals the creators of Vampires and their effective power over the Vampire world, after the Wolves aggravate an Original and his escort, they immediately turn and almost kill Bella and Renesmee to prove a point to both the Olympic Coven and the La Push Shape-shifters.



Original VampiresEdit

Original Vampires are the first Vampires in Existence and claim to have once been Archangels with the Weakest being Angels, their story follows a "Heaven as Eden and Angels forced to Direct Humanity" therefore when Adam and Eve were kicked out of Heaven then almost every Angel in existence fell with them, the strongest Original Vampires include:

Vampire/Wolf AllianceEdit

Olympic CovenEdit

La Push PackEdit

Jacob Black's Renegade PackEdit

The VolturiEdit