Both vampires and werewolves have the same creater.

The first born are the origimal vampires. They hunt only at night and are know for buring down towns to hide their and all vampires from being hunted down. They surive Drake.


They came just a few days after the first werewolves. They were look more like demons from hell, then humans. Their first attack was in Transylvania, were Drake created Dracula. Their they infested the land with death, decay, and darkness. All would not go there way how ever. The peolpe rebeled, killing what vampire who weren't lucky to escape. But Drake soon wanted a new, better race of vampires that could survie in sunlight, sliver, and any other wepon that could bring harm to them. The werewolves returned to help this plan and Drake used the blood, along with his own to make a new race. But then Drake's brother attack caused the new race to be born in a different way, the sun began to rasie and the first of the new breed begain to sparkle. Drake then yelled in angry and that he had failed to make the demons he wanted. So he retreated to a cave underground.