&nbsp "I still say you ditch them, Evangeline. Their freaks and they'll use you, Wacth!" (Jane to Evangeline Evers on the Coven of Life)

The Coven of Life has a much bigger gaurd then the Volturi. The Coven of Life is the offical 'Royal Family' of the vampire world. The first vampire changed his whole family and made the coven of life. The Coven of Life can have full vampire offspring that stop aging around 14,15,16,17 although some have been known to make it to 18. The Coven of Life is seperated into a few diffrent groups.


The leaders are like the King and Queen although they can be single. The two leaders are not always togeather like in "The Broken Mirrior" Evangeline is one of the leaders but isn't a mate t Lori.


  • Lori Lee It is found out Lori has a gift to infulence people's choices and also can drive people insane.
  • Evangeline Evers She can travel into the future and has Telekinses. Also she can see the future and influnce someone's choice. That is most likely why she was elected a leader.

The gaurdEdit

The gaurd is simliar to the gaurd at the Volturi. It is made up of powerful Vampires and sometimes Vamp. CHO Offspring.

  • Rosalette Vamp. CHO Offspring. *Jane and Alec from the Volturi's powers put togeather*
  • Abbigail Maxks Changed by Evangeline *Controlls realsonships*
  • Adefs Masl A girl from Japan. Changed by a Vamp. CHO Offspring *Hipnosize by her dancing and singing*
  • Alice Young Vamp. CHO Offspring *Same as Evangeline Evers*
  • Shaina Allen Human-Vampire Offspring, Rejected five times by the gaurd *Read minds
  • Akira Skcin- Human Girl who is later changed by Abbigail Maxks *Great Tracker and can influnce choices*
  • Lyicane Caan - Human Girl who is accidently changed by Jane but gets a place in teh gaurd
  • Sonny Vois - CHO Vamp. Offspring *Reads Minds and Sees the future*

The CHO Vamp. Offspring BranchEdit

The CHO Vamp. Offispring branch is like the supreme court. They make choices alot of the time with the leaders. Although some of them had been moved to the Gaurd, where they don't have the same rights. An exsample would be Sonny Vois, She changed a knowing human named Matthew and got punished for it. She got kicked into the gaurd for it. She later married Matthew and that got matthew kicked into the center calling branch.

  • Sin Van 'Deuu - CHO Vamp. Offspring of Lyicane Caan and Matthew Vois. <3