Foolish infidels!

  The Berlin Coven is another silly delusion created by the infidels. I, for one, am not such a fan of dirty retaliation, but when I read the trash from this wesite, I knew that this is the only language they can understand. The Berlin Coven started in 1901, when Dark Prelate Zeratul and his special Zealot force attacked the Glampire Festival in Berlin, where traitors of religion and enemies of the Protectorate gather. The Protoss strike force landed in Brussels, and soon commited vampire genocide. Then, High Executor Selendis probed the survivors, and they accidentally turned (more) retarded. The Protoss, realizing what stupidity our race has shown them, quickly threw them out of their Mothership and they were left to die in Berlin. Subsequently, Hitler, a hellspawn, was sucking a pacifier. The Berlin Coven then hid in a trash compactor, as with all Cullenites, and, up to this day, is still plagued with the picture shown left.


  • Adolf Hitler: In his emo teenager years, he was a brooding, autistic hipster that slept in benches, for he was not accepted into the Vienna Arts School he wanted to go to. He was pathetic. Racist vampires? *has doubts about humanity*.
  • The other members are being hunted down by the Collective. The Plan is unstoppable, and your demise is just the beginning of the Plan.