"I can change my appearance at will."

Kasandra: a shapeshifter.

Shapeshifting is Kasandra Cipriano'ability to transform and reshape the form of her body and the bodies of others.

The ability is physical.


Kasandra's gift allows her to change her appearance at will or change into any sort of animal. With her gift, she is also able to easily blend in with her surrounding and
Kasandra 1

Kasandra changing her hair.

become unknown.

She is also able to change the apperance of others. She uses her ability to make the Cipriano coven look human so they can blend in easily with others.

When she was first trying to master her gift, Kasandra could only change one thing about her apperance at a time, like her eyes. However, after years of practise, she developed the ability to change her whole body at will without even thinking about it.

Also, because her gift is physical, a mental shield cannot stop her.


Her gift will not work on Renata because she has the gift to deflect physical attacks. While she is able to change the appearance of others, she is not able to change them into animals like she can with herself.

Also, if she is tryinig to change a large amount of people at the same time, she must concentrate.



As a human, Kasandra was very shy and nervous. She didn't like being the center of attention and liked to blend in with the crowd. When she was changed, her traits manifested into her shapeshifting gift.


At first, Kasandra had no control over her ability. She had a difficult time changing her apperance, and couldn't even manage to change into an animal. Also, when she got mad or upset, her hair colour would change to represent the emotion she was feeling. However, she eventually learned to control her abilities.

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