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Scarlet Fox Coven
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James Smith and Martha Smith


Foxes, Red Fox Coven, Smiths

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"My family is the craziest band of vampires you might meet.... but they are still the ones I call my family even though we aren't blood related."
Katherine Smith to Edward Cullen

The American Coven is a big family of vampires who all live in America. They contist mainly of the Smith family.


Name Image Full Name Born Turned Perpetual Age Special Ability
James Smith James Smith James Smith Early 1640
in London, England
by a vampire
23 Precognition
Martha Smith Martha Smith Martha Rene Rosaline Joahanson Smith July 23, 1895
in Paris, France
born as a pureblood 22 Mental Shield
Liam Smith Liam Smith Liam Dante Jordan McGee Smith 1929
in Columbia, Ohio
by Jasmine Volturi
18 Telepathy
Katherine Smith Katherine Smith Katherine MaryAnne Golding Smith Early 1940
in Rochester, New York
April, 1951
by Martha Smith
11 Pathokinesis
Jill Smith Jill Smith Petunia Fern Jillian James Smith 1947
in Biloxi, Mississippi
by Liam Smith
14 Shield Penatration
Lillian Green Lillian Green3 Lillian Yasmine Green May 11, 1987
in SF, California
May 13, 2006
by Liam Smith
19 Elementalist

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