Rosaelette's eyes darted around the room, crazily. Almost scaring me, She looks back at me and smiles. "So your the one behind the roberey? I should've known a leader was behind it all. I shouldve known."

Nicole Fiscella - Rosaelette Raes

Nicole Fiscella plays teh role as Rosaelette Raes

Rosaelette is a CHO Vamp. Offspring put into the gaurd for unknown reasons. Some say her father is Alec and Yaari (A dead vampire). Yaari died after Rosaelette was born, excueted for selling info to the enime Coven; Akisl. Rosaelette only gets her powers from her father she gets most of her looks from her mother. She had a forbidden Vampire Offspring with a man from the enime coven there for, The baby was killed. The German Coven helped Rosaelette afterwards by letting her stay with them but soon the coven of Life came for her and took her away like they did to Sage Cullen.