I stood still in the mencaing silence of the woods. Blood dripped from my lips in an unsteady rhythm. Looking regretfully at the ragged lump of meat that lay abandoned at my feet, I knew I had finally turned into a monster.

"Good work, Cullen." a male voice murmured. I didn't look up from the blood drained creature on the floor.

"Don't." I hissed.

"You know, we don't have to be friends. We could be closer than this." I looked up in shock at the boy by my side. I had to admit, it wasn't the first time I had considered it. He was more than average in the looks department. His striking golden eyes that glowed with emotion complemented his smooth white face and raven black hair. He was tall and strong, stronger than a newborn. He was funny and loyal and brave. But he was the one who changed my life forever.

"This is your fault, Xander. I would've been just fine without your interference." I said coldly, not meeting his eyes.

"No, you wouldn't have. You were alone and afraid and ignorant back then. You were too young to see the world for what it is, not want you want it to be. Nessie, you would not have been fine. It's lucky you have me. Your daddy can't see in my head. He can't stop me saving you." Xander put his hand on my shoulder, but I slapped it away instantly.

"Don't you dare touch me!" I shouted, my cheeks flushed.

"So you're afraid." he murmured.

"I'm not afraid." I turned to go, but he grabbed my shoulders, holding me tightly.

"Let... go..." I gasped. He smiled.

"We're a perfect match, you and I." his face drew nearer to mine. Scowling, I spat in his eye. As I tried to make my escape, a humungous brown wolf raced into view.

"Jake!" I screeched. He looked at me in horror. Xander let me go and raced away.

"Renesme?" he gasped, morphing back into human form. I didn't reply. Confused, he followed my blank, horrified stare- and understood.

"No." he whispered, looking down at the mangled yet unmistakebly human corpse that had lost it's life due to my growing thirst...