Poppy North

'Poppy Hateden was born to Cherry and Sirnolen on Janurary,27,1542.

Early Life of Poppy NorthEdit

Poppy was young, Nine-Teen to be exact, When she fell in love with John North, a vampire. Secretly, John and Poppy made love and she got bit. But John didn't run. He ran away with Poppy, to a place called Nitrow, Egypt. But a few years after they arrived, The eyptian coven shooed them. Poppy and John were from Sweden. So, They went to Germeny. By this time Poppy's family were all dead from sickness. So they came there. One day, a hunread years later. John was called to Volterra, Italy where he was murdered by Jane. That's when Poppy went back to Germeny and started her coven.

The Life of Poppy NorthEdit

John's last name was North.