"She can trick another into believing they are petrifying, turning to solid stone."
―Enty of Veive gift

Physical Petrification is Veive's raw talent to mentally take away the movements of her targets.


"A sharp presence surrounded me, and then something hit me. It was like I was being punched all over my body, and it hurt, in all of a second, I couldn't move. I gasped in horror, and then my mouth didn't close again, what was happening."
―One of Veive's targets

When the effects of Veive's power begins, her targets feel a strong pressure against them, like they are being punched all over their body, in that instant, they are stuck in their nimble movements and they cannot move, if they gasp or try to speak, these processes are stuck as well


The gift can't affect metal shields, as the gift is only mental. Her power only affects one person at a time, so this would render her vulnerable against several enemies.

Similar AbilitiesEdit

  • Alec is able to icapacitate his targets by taking away their senses