My Life in Twilight

Chapter 1: Forks, My New Home

My name is Rachel Willson and I just moved to Forks, Washington from Miami, Florida three days ago. I'm 15 and I have long brown hair, hazel eyes, long legs and rosy cheeks. This guy that I met, Seth Clearwater, is so cute and I think he's really nice. He goes to a differrent school that me because he lives in La push, a beach town not far away from Forks. He's also 15 with dark hair and eyes, tan skin and a baby face. He's also surprisingly buff. He asked me out yesterday to a movie. I, obviously, said yes.

I started school today. Forks High School is small but the people are quite nice. I met a girl called Dakota. She's my age and is even taller than me! She has white blonde hair, a ruler shaped body and her skin is very tan. "How is your skin so dark?" I asked, tired of the suspision. "i lived in L.A until last year. I still go there evey holiday. Where are you from?" She asked. "Miami." That was when the bell rang and I had to get to English. The rest of the day was boring. But when Seth met me outside school I smiled from ear to ear. "SETH!" I screamed "What are you doing here?"

"Picking you up." He replied.

"I didn't expect this."

"I'm all about the unexpected." There was a suspisious tone to his voice. I ignored it.

"Will you walk me home. You can meet my parents!"

"Okay. Sounds cool."

So we walked back to my house. I opened the door to my quaint cottage. "Welcome to my home!" I said. My parents were sitting on the plush couch. "Honey," My dad started "Who's this?" His eyes were looking at Seth from top to bottom. "This is Seth, my boyfriend." They looked shocked but my dad got u[p to shake his hand and my mom put down the paper and hugged him.

"Seth," I said, breathless "We can't go too far."

"We won't." he replied. He continued to kiss me. Our tongues were entwined. He took off his black T-shirt and revealed a six-pack. I laid againt him and his skin was warm, too warm. I still ignored it. He urged me to take off my long sleeved beatles shirt. I did, stupidly. It reaveled a green and blue push-up bra.