Melita is a Faewitch who have been imprinted on by Jacob Black's doppelganger asher after he finds her in the Quileute tomb she take to a place called the wolves nation ban off limits to vampires while there she get wet for Jacob melita wetting her pantyhose and has legs open for Jacob fuck her heat core together with the wolves nation make Bella and the Cullens including the wolf pack he turned his back on Bella soon finds out her choice of Edward over Jacob has Push him into his dark nature jon snow see utlap has gotten hold of Jacob Black pain and suffering and heartbrake of Bella marring Edward but word came that utlap is rebuild the children of the moon and the first four are Bella friends Mike jessica angela and Eric and more soon following embry seth and leah resideing in Canada in the Luna Valley city Jacob is deeply in love melita and they sons and daughters are much like them Melita help Jacob plan ruin Bella and the Cullens for humiliating his pride and ridicule him Bella was in pain of Jacob running off so when Aurel track him down with leon help the two find him mate to melita and tells the Cullens where he at Sam inform Bella about Jacob whereabouts and visit him Sam comand he come back to la Push Bella want him home melita send all of them back Bella feels guilty for using Jacob the way she did but the originals offers a place in their coven leah seth embry join jacob and melita and her coven to new Orleans Sam said they have to protect the tribe of La Push the Cullens know of the Originals so war brake out when sage join the originals jackson rise more to battle the Volturi who are awhere of little hope so Klaus call tyler lockwood and brook Davis and they join jacob is made a originals the Volturi think they will justify their law but unawhere that the the originals do not serve under them and will all coming for them understand[[vrigin FaewitchPlay by missy peregrym