Drake and his werewolf pet.


One of his main forms. Aside from his human one.

Drake was or claims to be the very first vampire, Vlad being 2nd. His powers extend to controlling the darkness and objects around him. He is part of the first born. The last part of his name is Latin for " Deadbody." A title he lives up to.


"What are you? Thy name is Legion for we are.....many." Bella and Drake meeting for the first time.

Drake was the first vampire and wanted all vampires to be prefect. He wanted there to be only one bred, a strouger bred. But his plan failed, when his brother betrayed him to the vampire hunters. How ever, they stabbed his heart many times, but he lived and killed the hunters. Then his brother find a book of spells that Drake had used to gain his undieing life. Drake's brother used the book and imprisoned him inside a templunder where the volturi live. Drake how ever was awoken druing a ecplise. He awoke and then destoryed all of the voltuir and the rest of the city, with his swarms of vampires and werewolves.


After a military attack on his pets, Drake quickly left to forks. There he begain killing and feeding on the towns people. Soon the Cullens found out that he was the one behind all the kills and decede to put a stop to it.


" His power is that of a demon." Drake's brother.

Speed- an organ in his legs alow him to run faster than any know creture.

Strength- His strength depends on the form he is in, but mostly his stronger than most creatures.

Regeneration- Unlike all vampirs and werewolves he can regenerate lost body parts, making him a vary formidable opponent.

Shapeshift- Drake can shapeshift into any creature

Impulltion- Impulltion is a power that draws the traget's life force and causes it to form around the traget, then a wave of enegry sweeps into the traget. The traget then exploded.

Mind destoryer- Mind Destoryer is the power to wipe clean a traget's mind and causes the traget to go insane and kill anything around it.

Advanced Stomach - Unlike vampires, Drake can not only drink blood, but eat the bodys of the traget. Simaler to a snake.


Cullens- He has a storng hate for the Cullens. Mainly Renessime, who he calls "Demon Spawn" or "Half-Thing' and or "Half-Bred.

La Push shapeshifters- He hates all of them, especial Sam and Jacob.


Drake is a vary cruel and merciless vampire. Often tourting his prey beefore killing them.