"My mother is the nicest mom you'll ever meet."
Liam Smith to Lillian Green
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Martha Smith
Martha Smith
Biographical information

July 23, 1895


Mar, Marcie

Physical description

Pureblood vampire





Hair color


Eye color
  • Grey
  • gold (vampire)
  • red (blood lust)
Skin color


Family information
Family members



Martha Smith is the wife of James Smith. She is the only pureblood vampire in the Scarlet Fox Coven and in the Smith family.


Martha Smith was born into a rich family of pureblood vampires. She was by far the youngest and the fairest in her family which made her a target to other covens in Paris. By the time Martha turned 20, she fled to America to get away from all of the hectic events in Paris and to live a normal life. Some time soon, she met James Smith in a hospital and fell in love with him.


Martha is very kind and loving. She accepts anybody in her family like Katherine. She loves her children as if they were one of her own.


Martha is 5'6". She has blonde hair and grey eyes. Her skin color is fair. She wears the Scarlet Fox coven crest as a ring on her left hand.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Martha has the same power as Bella Swan: mental shield. It's considered to be a very rare ability in the line of purebloods. Martha can also protect others around her in a certain radius.


James SmithEdit

Martha and James met in the Americas in Washington DC as tourists. Martha suspected James of being a vampire and on their third date, she asked him if he was a vampire. James confessed that he was and then Martha then told him that she was a run away pureblood. After two months when James and Martha deepened their relationship more, they got married.

Liam SmithEdit

Martha is worried that Liam has found himself the wrong girlfriend. She and James were hoping that Jill could be Liam's mate but coped with the fact that he got romantically involved with a human.

Katherine SmithEdit

Martha is also worried about Katherine. She could never get a boyfriend/mate. But martha still loves her and with James, they try to find a nice mate for her.

Jill SmithEdit

Lillian GreenEdit