Reneseme's POVEdit

Normally on a sunny day my family stay inside. After all we are Vampires. But this year I went to school, covered from head to toe in all soats of winter clothes. I'm 16 years old well I will be 16 for a long, long time. "Renesme I didn't except to see you here, I thought you where going camping?" asked Rosalinda my best friend who is also my adopted cousin. "I didn't want to, you know with mid terms coming up" Rosalinda is Rosalies and Emmetts only child, she has these random mood swings at anytime, even in class. "You just missed Robbie Black come in. If only he weren't human" Rosalinda has had this massive crush on Robbie Black since kindergarden. I hardly talk to Robbie, I know his dad Jacob who is my mom and dad's friend. "Let's go to class" she said linking arms and walking into History. Todays topic is mythacil creatures. This should be fun. Edit

After History is Art and I am quite happy about that since Robbie is in my class. "Hey Nessie" says Robbie sitting next to me. I try not to blush but I can't help it. "What are you drawing?" he looks at my piece of paper "it's just some night art." He looks at me clueless "is that a werewolf?" he smilies. Edit


"Hey mom, dad, Esme, Carlise, Jasper, Alice, Rose and Emmett" I have to take loads of breathes just to say those names. "Hey Rene how was school?" Edit