Kale, better known as the Ruling Body of all Vampire Kind: the Black Prince, is a Pureblood descendent Vampire of Lilith and Cain

Relatives (Hell of a Long List, incomplete at present)Edit

Mazer Lucifer (uncle of Kale who changed his name to Mazer Satan after killing his brother and sister before his supposed imminent death by Kale’s hands)

Kallen Lucifer (sister of Kale)

Kaiser Lucifer (deceased father of Kale and brother of Kana and Mazer)

Kana Lucifer (deceased mother and sister of Kaiser and Mazer)

Jaime Lycos (brother-in-law to Kale)

Kaspien Lucifer (brother-in-law to ‘Alex’)

Arish Lucifer (turned younger Sister)

Edward Cullen (unmentioned Blood Brother (before giving up humans blood Edward and Kale shared blood thereby enhancing his speed which may have decreased over time since being on animal blood but is still superior to many vampires))




Kale is Lilith's Great Grandson whom has been brought up as a Prince to all Vampire kind while also being charged with the secrecy of all Supernatural Kind, to those ends he looks for an alternate means to Blood and so came up with the ill tasting but quench thirsting Artifical Blood, he took over the Russian Coven and its worldwide Vampire Noble Council from his murdered father in 500AD after his Half-Uncle desired to release his own father but failed.


Kale was the reason in which the Volturi were even created, hunting down a group of Humans and making the seeds of an Army out of them, Kale turned these Vampires attention towards "special individuals" whom their powers would help enforce the Law. Because of these actions, the Volturi on Kale's behalf, ruled the Vampire society with a iron fist and law.

Kale ruled with an iron fist over the different Vampires and on one occasion he went personally to the Romania to fight a powerful turned Vampire whom had tricked a Pureblood that he loved her and had drunk her dry of her Blood, Kale's clash with pesudo-Pureblood went on for a Week and was explained to human kind as large scale storms in the region that took the lives of humans whom got close, Kale however was older and wiser and so mortally injured the "Pureblood" before he had the chance to hurt anymore of his kind.

Ironically, the Vampire was then killed eventually by a wolf whom interested Kale greatly whom revealed himself to be Alecandros ‘Alex’ Lycos, a "Werewolf Royal" or a Changeling as they were known as. Kale took interest on the lad and approched him, revealing not only the pureblood of the wolves in his blood, but the fact that Alex had imprinted upon him and vice versa Kale wanted to make him his Mate.