Jezebella Neroza Ginevra Lillian Volturi

Biographical information


December 24, 2026; Volterra, Italy

Blood status  Half-blood


  • Hadrian A.J (boy name, before birth)
  • Jezebel
  • Jez
  • Jezzie
  • Bella
  • Neroza
  • Roze
  • Roza
  • Rose
  • Rozie
  • Rosie

Physical description


vampire/human hybrid



Hair color

Dark Blonde 

Eye color


Skin color


Family information

Family members

  • Caius (father)
  • Lily Luna Potter (mother)
  • Seth Clearwater (imprinter)
  • Harry Potter (maternal grandfather) ♰
  • Ginny Weasley (maternal grandmother) ♰
  • James Sirius Potter (uncle)
  • Azlyn Zabini-Potter (aunt)
  • Albus Severus-Potter (uncle)
  • Allison Longbottom-Potter (aunt)
  • Aro (adopted uncle)
  • Sulpicia (adopted aunt)
  • Marucs (adopted uncle)
  • Didyme (adopted aunt)  ♰
  • Avia Potter (cousin)
  • Sirius Potter (cousin)
  • Brantyn Potter (cousin)
  • Callidora Potter (cousin)
  • Elara Potter (cousin)
  • Volturi coven
  • Weasley family
  • Potter family
Magical characteristics
Wand 10", Cherry, Thestral Blood
Boggart Death of her family/friends

Special characteristics


  • Limited vampire abilities
  • Self-control

Special abilities

  • S.E.C.T
  • Nullification


Occupation Princess of Volturi
House Slytherin 


  • Volturi
  • Potter family
  • Weasley family
  • Hogwarts

"Half mortal, immortal. She is also a witch, and has remarkable gifts. She is simply extraordinary."

~ Aro on Jezebl's status and abilities.

Jezebella "Jezebel" Neroza Ginevra Lillian Volturi (b. December 24, 2026) is the resident vampire/human hybrid and half-blood witch of the Volturi. She is the daughter of Caius and Lily Potter II and the imprintee of Seth Clearwater. Jezebel's maternal grandparents are Harry and Ginny Potter, while on the paternal side, they are unknown. She is the niece of James and Azlyn Potter and Albus and Allison Potter.

Jezebel is considered the "princess" of the Volturi, because of her immediate influence over others and sparkling personality. Jezebel easily draws people towards her. Shehas has the ability to nulify the abilities of another vampire, whether they are just the basic, vampire abilities or a special ability/gift; she can nulify Bella's mental sheild.   Lily and Caius are initially annoyed when Seth imprints on Jezebel and nicknames her "Jez". However, they later overcome their annoyance when they realize the impact which Seth and Jezebel both have over one another.

Jezebel ends up being kidnapped by a coven of rogue vampires who wish to destory and eliminate the Volturi. Unable to find Jezebel, the Volturi seek out the help of the Cullens. WIth the help of the Cullens, as well as the wolf packs, the Volturi are able to find and save Jezebel.


Before BirthEdit

"I can do this, Caius. I know I can. I will survive this - for you, for him or her. It is possible to live through this, and you know that; Bella Cullen is living proof of this."
~ Lily telling Caius she will survive the pregnancy.