" Aro! You Jane and Felix can't take us on alone, let us live by our own rules we do not cause attention to ourselves, leave us in peace."
―Jessica to Aro of the Volturi
Jessica Cross
Biographical information

5th Febuary, 1900


21st July, 1916 (Aged 17)


Daniel Cross

  • Jess (By almost everyone)
  • Squirt (By James)
Physical description






Hair color


Eye color
  • Grey (Human)
  • Golden (Normal)
  • Onix (thirsty)
Skin color


Family information
Family members
  • Daniel Cross (Cousin)
  • Alex Cross (Brother)
  • Alexis Cross (Cousin in Law)
  • Jason Corss (Adoptive Brother)
  • Jacob Cross (Adoptive Brother)
  • Student

Jessica Cross is Damian's cousin and the reason Damian left europe to come to Canada. she is an idealist by heart

History Edit

Human life Edit

As a human she always shielded her younger brother Alex from there fathers abuse, she was caring and made use of everything she could one day her father was killed in a bar fight and the went to there Uncle Cain when the Volturi killed Cain and Delia in cold blood for food, Damian took custody of the Children he was 17 at the time and it was very unheard of for a 17 year old to take young children, so began there journey to the new world. In the new world Damian and company settled in Montreal.

Arriving in Montreal Damian got work in a fruit market it was a hard life but it was a living. One night Damian went missing. Jessica went out to look for him they found him at the Cullens house Damian has shot by some hunters, Carlisle had turned Vampire in the nick of time. A year later Jessica and Alex were 17 and Damian turned them.

Vampire life Edit

Jessica like Damian and Alex, are resentful of the Voltori for killing Cain and Delia and as such she is happy to be part of a sovereign coven. Jessica runs a small flower shop in Vancouver with Alex. Jessica's protective nature gave her the ability to project both Physical and Mental shields.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Like other vampires, Jessica has superhuman speed, superior strength, enhanced reflexes, graceful movements, and heightened senses. In a snowy environment, she can move so gracefully that her feet are almost soundless.

Jessica's one of gifts allows her to shield herself and those around her from supernatural powers that affect the mind. Her mental shield is less powerful then Bella Cullen's shield's. Edward and Aro described reading her mind like watching a television with a weak signal, Jessica described Jane's gift as a bearable pain and not a total burning.

Her physical shield on the other hand is a impenetrable physical barrier. as long as she keeps up her her focus.