Jenny Erdo

Erdo was human last name

Jenny North was born in Hamburg, Germany on December, 3, 1820 to Mark and Brenda Erdo. She was made a vampire on her SevenTeenth Birthday and was given the last name "North" to macth the rest of her coven's last name. She was changed by Poppy North.

Young LifeEdit

Little is known about Jenny's life before she was a vampire. She was going to get married to a man named Colby Leio. But two weeks before their wedding, was Jenny's Seven-Teenth birthday. On the way home, She was shot by a mystry man. She was quickly dying but Poppy was there. She took Jenny home and saved her life. It is possible that Jenny's parents were rich, too

Jenny NorthEdit

Today, Jenny's coven-the german coven- is like the Cullen's and Denali's. She and the others in her coven only drink animal blood. Jenny is like Jasper. She is new to it because about a year after she was changed she ran away to the vampire wars in the south. She once fought along side of Jasper Hale.

Like other vampires, When in the sun her skin sparkles. Jenny's mate's name is Nico Twist. Nico is a nomad and does die at the hands of the Volturi which really makes Jenny and The Coven of Life very mad. Jenny actually asks the Coven of life to kill off the whole Volturi branch but they kindly refuse. She gets along well with the rest of the Coven. She is great friends with the "Leader", Poppy. She also likes Andra North, Her coven mate.


She has light brown hair and golden eyes like the Cullen & Denali's. Her skin always has a glow to it even though she isn't in the sun light. She weights 60.2 pounds and is 5.4 feet tall. She wears a size 6 shoe.


When she was changed she adopted the hole Germen Coven as brothers and sisters. The closest ones to her are Andrea, Sage, and Poppy. She also had a boy friend\fiancee named Colby, who was killed by the Volturi.


She can control the earth. Her power can override all of the Volturi, therefore they want her. She refuses, though. Carlisle thinks it was because when Jenny was human she loved the outdoors and wished to be with it. He also said that Jenny could have came from a Vampire tree line although that is rare. The volturi-without the permission of the Coven of life- usaully destroys these Tree Lines before they come too strong.