The Hybrid Family Series is a fanfiction Series that takes place at the beginning of Eclipse, a family of four Unique Vampires are being hunted by the Volturi due to the fear of their powers and their inheritance, meanwhile the Cullen and La Push Shifters require help dealing with Victoria as she calls in her new Coven to help kill Bella.




Cullen CovenEdit

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Vampire-Wolf HybridsEdit

The Fenrir ClanEdit

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  • Niklaus Faol - The Oldest Hybrid Son and the Oldest of the Siblings, he has been smitten an interest in a powerful Werewolf that supernatural rumours have reached his ears about, he heads to New York with his Sister to confirm these rumours for himself in an attempt to make a successful Hybrid.
  • Rebekah Faol - The only Hybrid Daughter and the Second Oldest of the Siblings, she is a beautiful and free spirited Hybrid that often gets on with her elder brother as much as argues with him.
  • Blaine Faol - The Second Oldest of the three Faol Hybrid Brothers and Third Oldest of the Siblings, he has been left in Charge since his Older Sister and Brother have gone off to New York City on the Hunt for a promising Werewolf, which they hope to turn into a successful Hybrid.
  • Ripley Faol - The Youngest Hybrid Son and the Youngest of the Siblings, he was but a baby when the four siblings began their flight of Europe when the Volturi began their rise to power, hunting down Werewolves and chasing up rumours of Hybrids while securing their rule of the World-wide Vampire Community, Ripley hates the Volturi for everything they have done.
  • Sean Uley - The Younger Brother of Sam and a recent Shape-Shifter to change, he goes to school in the same year as Seth and turned not long after him, Sean was friends with Dion West whom recently turned into a Newborn but escaped before the big battle however Sean is reunited with his friend when he finds Dion had been turned into a Hybrid.
  • Dion West - One of the Newborn Vampires created by Victoria and he was in fact turned on the 13th June as a last minute Newborn, he escaped the battle and was later found by the Cullens and take in, he disappears however with his room a mess which it is revealed that Blaine had "borrowed" him to make into a Hybrid.