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"We'll be together forever now. One big unusual supernatural family."-Faith tells Renesmee in Breaking Dawn.

Faith Rose Carter was born to Donna and Ben Carter on April 17, 1987 and is the child-hood best friend of Bella Swan. In Twilight, she is a seventeen year old girl who lives in the small town of Forks, Washington with her parents Donna and Ben Carter. She is very close to the Cullen's stating them that they are second family.

She and her family come from a supernatural background, a line age of witches.

Her and her family inherit witch abilities and learn how to protect themselves from vampires. She becomes close friends with Bella Swan, an old child-hood friend that moves back to Forks and support Bella in her decision to be in a relationship with vampire, Edward Cullen In New Moon Faith grows closer to a distant family friend Michael Black, they continue to grow closer eventually Faith realises her feeling have become romantic. After seeing Michael for the first time since he shifted, he imprints on her and they eventually become a couple. In the m rated Luna Fate and Michael make love when he see her in Victoria secret In Breaking Dawn she bonds with Renesmee, becoming her saltellare saving her from the death of the wolves when she was born. They become very close to that Renesmee would cry when Faith wasn't near her or when Michaeland fate's son Kaden wasn't around

Biography Edit

Early Life

Early life

Early life

Faith Jane Cater was born April 17,1987 to Donna and Ben Carter a young married couple living in the small town of Forks, Washington. Her parents became protective over the young Faith since she couldn't protect herself from other supernatural creatures. She lives close to Charlie Swan and his daughter Bella Swan.

Faith grew up creating a sisterly bond with Bella Swan her parents friend Charlie Swan daughter, they became acquainted with the Black family, Billy Black and his three children twins Rachel and Rebecca and the youngest Jacob Black and Michael Black, but mainly kept to themselves. It wasn't until Bella stopped visiting Forks that Faith grew closer to the Black children, even becoming best friends with Rachel and Rebecca Black keeping in contact when they leave La Push.

Charlie Swan become a regular person in the Carter's household after his divorce with Renee Dwyer and his daughter, Bella who stopped visiting that Faith came to recognise him as a shy, warm Uncle that she never had At the age of four years old Faith was playing near the forest of her house where she first met Carlisle Cullen a vegetarian vampire who had protected her from a noman vampire drinker that planed to kill Faith. After the rescue of Faith, Donna and Ben Carter owed debt to Carlisle and promised not to kill him or his family when they returned to Forks several years later.Carlisle brought his family to Forks secretly to introduce them to the Carter's to create a truce where Faith instantly liked the strange yellow eyed vampire family. Faith grew up with the reluctance of Donna and Ben Carter around the Cullen Famly.

It was not until two years after they came to know each other that Donna and Ben Carter grew a loving kinship to the Cullens after seeing how different they were from other vampires.

Faith started to go to Forks high school with the Cullen's only showing interest in only a small amount of student in the school only wanting the Cullen's friendship than any others.

Twilight Edit


"I've never understood how much someone can love for them to kill. But as I feel the heat of the fire that now burned James body, and high screams coming from Bella. I understood clearly'"

-Faiths thoughts in Twilight

At the beginning of Twilight, Faith is seen as a small child in Bella's memory of Forks running beside Bella as a child. It changes until Faith is in a classroom looking out the window with a annoyed expression with Alice Cullen sitting next to her in the back of the room. Alice playfully banters with Faith, teasing that glaring at the rain wouldn't stop the downpour with Faith retorts that she could easily stop it from raining suggesting that she would use her powers that she had inherited from the line age of witches she came from. Faith admits that though she dislikes some of the humans in Forks, High School she doesn't hate them, even saying she likes a human, Angela Weber finding her to have a nice personality and a descent mind. She says that she wouldn't be a witch if she hated humans, since that they were the very people they were born to protect.

Alice disagrees telling her that the Carter family were different. They had after all become allies with vampires their number one enemy. The very first witches to ever befriend a vampire coven, especially a large one like the Cullen family. Insinuating that witches generally don't like vampires and that the Carter's a very different with there points of views

Cold weather

Cold weather

Faith assures Alice when she gets worried for Jasper's control that she had confidence in him not too drain a human dry. Even going as far to say that Jasper would have very good control if not for his empath abilities. Rosalie lectures Alice who had wanted Faith to cancel her witch training to go shopping, saying that Faith needed to learn how to protect herself. As the Cullen family and Faith walk to the cafeteria, Faith notices the looks Edward and her were gaining as they walked behind the rest of the Cullen's and asked tiredly if everyone still thought they were in a secret relationship to which Edward replies with a amused tone that only half of the student body and teachers think that there together since they turn down very good offers from the most attractive humans in the school and that there always together. Stating that there very close.

Edward gets annoyed at the student body thoughts as there all on the new girl Bella Swan which Faith replies with fondness in her voice that Bella wouldn't like that and didn't like attention.

Edward tries to interrogate Faith asking if Bella was the girl that she always spoke to on her phone and computer to which Faith teasingly replies that he should read her mind to see. Annoyed Edward told her that he couldn't read her mind if she kept putting her walls up. Faith tells him that even if she wanted her walls down it tired her down when she did, insinuating that it took lots of power for witches to put there mental walls down. Edward tells Faith that Alice was very disappointed to which Faith says that she had Jasper to keep her company in more ways than one making Edward grimace and declare that he didn't need to hear those type of words come from Faiths's mouth, saying that he thought of her as a younger sister. Touched Faith hits him gently on the arm smiling. Showing how extremely close there really were.

At school

Faith meets Bella in the cafeteria seeing each other face to face for the first time and decides to sit with Bella and her two new friends Jessica and Angela who she warmly greets. She stays with Bella until school finishes regretfully turning down Bella offer to go to hers when she gets a urgent phone call from her parents to go to the Cullen's. Faith finds out that Bella is Edwards singer and supports his decision to go to the Denali's in Alaska, the Cullen's cousins who are also vegetarian vampires. Not wanting Bella to get hurt from Edward. She lies to Bella who wonders where Edward is telling her he was visiting family members. Faith was the first person to know that Edward was back in Forks when he turns up in her bedroom at night time, telling her that she didn't need to be protective of Bella to which Faith retorts that she would always be protective of her, no matter what.

When a car almost hits Bella, Faith nearly uses her powers to stop the on coming of Tyler's van but relieves that it had already been stopped by Edward who ran to Bella's rescue. Suspicious Bella ask Faith if the Cullen's were different. Faith tells Bella that the Cullen's were different but she couldn't tell her there secret since they kept her familes. Telling Bella that she was also different. After a dream Bella has about her past she tells Faith that she knows what she and her family were. Witches.

She goes to La Push with Bella and Mike, Angela, Eric and Jessica who go surfing while Bella, Faith and Jessica stay in the van to keep warm. Faith see's Jacob Black and his two friends as they join them. Bella starts to introduces them but gets interrupted by Jacob who eagerly tells her that he already knew Faith. Bella later tells Faith that she now had a hint as to what the Cullen's were after she got the information from Jacob Black stating that he had a crush on Faith and said that Bella would give a good word for him.

After Bella and Edward get to know each other eventually falling passionately in love Edward properly introduces Bella to his family and Faiths's parents who leave quickly after to go to La Push for a elder meeting. After some time Alice predicts that there would be a storm and they get ready for a baseball game that Bella is invited to watch. As Bella watches she finally see's how strong and fast Faith is as she watches her play with the Cullen's, during the game it is however stopped when three human blood drinkers come across them. Laurent, Victoria and James. Victoria's mate James a sadistic tracker who sets his sights on Bella. Faith stays with Edward even at Bella's pleading that she wanted her to come with her, Alice and Jasper thinking it would be more safer. When James tricks Bella into coming to Ballet studio they come to her aid, ripping apart James to which Faith helps gladly she pushes Edward away from Bella when he nearly kills her as he sucks the venom out of her.

Faith finds out that Bella would soon be a vampire from Alice who has a vision although sadden that her best friend would soon be a vampire, she is more happier of the idea than Edward who is determined to keep Bella human. After her and Bella are left alone in the hospital she admits that she felt nothing when she killed James stating that she almost relished in his death and asks Bells if she was a monster to which Bella vehemently denies saying she had a right to feel that way.

After two months of James demise Faith goes to the prom with the Cullen's and Bella although dateless since she turned down many boys offers she is quite happy to watch. She is surprised to see Jacob Black who had come to warn Bella about the Cullen's for his father and accepts surprising herself to dance with him when he shyly asks.

New Moon Edit

"The lose of the Cullen's was deep but as a I sat next to Jacob I found my self feeling lighter. And I wondered if it was because of his happy personality or his smile."

-Faith thinking about Jacob

Faith at Bella's birthday party

Faith is very happy about the up coming of her best friend Bella Swans birthday even though she is not happy about growing old, especially after Faith accidentally slips that she and her family weren't growing any older since witches could decide to grow old or not. Faith see's Bella after getting dropped off by Jacob Black who she had grown closer too, even though she knew that he would one day be a werewolf. She gives Bella her present even against Bella's arguing that she shouldn't. Bella learns to accept the gift after she opens it too see a necklace with the Carter emblem, to which Faith says that she is now a official family member. At the birthday party she tells Bella that her parents wouldn't be able to make it since they were visiting relatives up north, surprising her that she would be staying with her and Charlie for the whole entire week. When Bella asks Faith about the Volturi if they knew about witches Faith bitterly tells her that they did but the only reason was becuase they had a very tense alliance to make sure they didn't kill to many humans.

Faith protects Bella shielding her from the Cullen's mainly Jasper who tries to kill Bell who cuts her finger opening a present. Lecturing Edward in her head that he shouldn't of pushed Bella who now had a large cut down to her wrist momentarily dropping her mental walls for him to read her mind. She stays with Bella while she is stitched up by Carlisle standing behind Bella in case Carlisle lost control.

She learns of the Cullen's leave when Bella has disappeared even though torn between anger and sadness she stays to help find Bella with a worried Charlie Swan and search party, she seeks comfort by staying beside Jacob who lets her have a shoulder to cry on. She is relieved when Sam Uley a known werewolf steps out of the forest with a passed out Bella in his arms, she thanks him telling him that she was now in his debt to which Sam replies that Bella even though was together with Edward Cullen she was still human. She stays with Bella who had woke up clinging to her murmuring over and over that Edward was gone, though in tears herself Faith menages to soothe Bella until she falls asleep clinging to her tightly. She calls her parents and tells them devastating news of what happened.
Faith tells her parents that the Cullen's had left

Faith though hurt from the Cullen's abrupt leaving manages to continue on with her life even becoming more powerful as she grew more focused on learning her powers. She tries to help the distraught Bella who became distant and unmoving from her bed room she teams up with Bella when her parents want to Bella to move with Renee away from Forks. She never strays far from Bella who though never talks much clings to Faith scared that she too would leave even though Faith assures her many times she would never even think about leaving Bella, stating that she was her sister in all but blood. After the trouble with Charlie and Renee Bella tries to become more normal as possible, but her depression doesn't fade worrying Faith, Charlie, Donna and Ben Carter who had now returned.

When Bella asks Faith if she wants to go to the movies Faith regretfully tells Bella that she had already planned to hang with Jacob but quickly says that she would cancel but Bella interrupts her saying that it was fine and she should have fun. Although guilty for leaving Bella she goes to Jacob's house to watch movies where they get to know each other better, growing even closer there interrupted as they snuggle together on the couch by Embry Call and Quil Ateara jr who ask if she is Jacob's girlfriend to where they awkwardly lean away from each other and Jacob talks to them privately in the kitchen.
Embry and Quil first sighting

Faith is stunned when Bella asks Jacob to fix three motorcycles for her, worried for her friend she becomes more regular in Bella's life even spending night with the thankful Bella since Faith keeps the nightmares of Edward leaving her away. Faith and Jacob become more intimate going as far to hold hands when walking, though they still weren't dating or even talked about the option of something romantic between them. Both Faith and Jacob accept the invite to go watch a action movie with Bella, Mike, Jessica, Angela and Eric but when they get there they find out that Jessica had bailed and Angela had gotten sick making Eric want to stay with his girlfriend. Halfway though the movie Mike becomes sick and runs out of the theatre with a worried Bella and amused Faith and Jacob following. Bella leaves Jacob and Faith together to go check on Mike after a heartfelt conversation they nearly kiss only to be interrupted by Mike and Bella. Jacob becomes furious at the interruption nearly hitting Mike but Faith pushes him out of the movie cinema seeing the happening of a pre-shifting werewolf. She leads Jacob to the woods who shifts into a wolf where Faith soothes him and calls Sam.

She stays with the wolf pack for a day skipping school where she finds out that Jacob had imprinted on her. They have a long conversation ending with them being a couple. She gets to know the wolf pack even thinking them to be like the Cullen family. Only warm and had a heart beat. She talks to a frantic, worried Bella who asks what happened under Sam's order not to tell anyone she lies to Bella saying Jacob had mono and that she was having a day with the family. Donna and Ben find out about the imprint and at first wary of there daughter being bonded to Jacob they come to find the idea a great thing to get her mind of the Cullen's.
Faith waits in Bella's lounge room

Bella speaks with Faith in the Swan living room assured that she wouldn't leave her and speaks out her concern for Jacob. Faith though guilty and sadden about keeping a secret from Bella she keeps quiet nodding her head. She catches a movement from outside the window and Faith leaves telling Bella that she had to go home. Faith follows the scent that trailed from Bella's house worried about the scent that came from a vampire, she finds it familiar but couldn't thing of whose scent it was. She is sent into a tree smashing it as she was pushed roundly only to see a smirking Victoria glaring down at her. They fight but are interrupted by the arrival of the wolves who chase her away. Faith with the new found knowledge of Victoria tells her parents who plan to hunt her down with the help of the wolf pack. The absents of Faith at school worries Bella especially since she didn't know what was happening to Jacob, she becomes sadden and tracks into the woods only to find Laurent who tells Bella of Victoria's revenge for James to kill Bella. But the tempting of Bella's blood Laurent attacks only to be side tracked by a furious Faith and growling wolves. Faith soon tells Bella everything and the three Faith, Bella and Jacob rekindle.

Jacob Black as a wolf

While hunting Victoria, Bella attempts to make a suicidal leap from the highest cliff in La Push where only the wold pack and Faith jump off. Faith quickly discovers as she catches Bella scent near the beach and leaps after Bella leaving a worried Jacob behind her. She pumps back the air in Bella's lungs letting Bella survive, even in her worry she hugs Bella relishing in her being alive only to grieve after finding out that Harry Clearwater a close family friend died after having a heart attack. Alice Cullen a vampire that has a vision of Bella committing suicide and things Bella is dead comes back to Forks only supposed to see Bella alive and well.

Faith still hurt by the Cullen's leaving stays with Jacob not wanting to see Alice's face worried that it would only bring more heartbreaks when she would leave. She only returns with Jacob who would not allow her to be near a vampire by her self even if she was a witch. She tells Alice although she is happy to to have her back she could be bring more vampires with her not wanting to have anymore Victoria like's around Forks and La Push. Alice though sadden about Faiths's light coldness too her worries about Victoria insulting Jacob and the wolf pack that they were the reason she couldn't see only for Faith to quickly jump to his defence.

They soon find out that Rosalie had told Edward that Bella had committed suicide and is now dead. Edward devastated goes to Volturi to die, Alice and Bella go to Italy and pursue Edward although Faith stays stating strongly that Edwards life wasn't her matter anymore and leaves with Jacob leaving a crying Bella and hurt Alice. As Edward, Alice and Bella return they call a family meeting and asking the Carters to come which they do reluctantly. After a tearful reunion with the Cullen's Faith tells them that she is still hurt and that they have to earn her trust back to which they eagerly agree to keep her in there lives. Bella asks for there votes on wether she could be or not in Cullen family even adding the Carter's votes. Everyone agrees expect Rosalie and Edward who furious about everyone's vote admits defeat saying that he would change her if Bella agrees to marry him.

Later on the elders and wolf pack with the Carter family have a meeting about Bella changing into a vampire and the treaty. They all agree there would be war if the Cullen's change Bella and that the treaty would be void but Faith quickly comes to there defence stating that Bella had to be changed or she would die. She tells them about the Volturi, they finally come to a defeated agreement that the treaty would still be intact if Bella is away from La Push and Forks when changed and stays away until she learns control.

Eclipse Edit

"I can't just stay with you, Bella not when my family and friends are fighting newborns. I'm strong and I can help so please don't ask me again. Just don't." - Faith tells Bella that she can't stay with her.

Faith waiting for Bella at Renee's to leave for Forks

Faith and Bella become closer as Bella realises her choices of being a vampire and her need to be immortal, Faith helps Bella with her realisation even coming to Bella's aid when she becomes confused in her choice on wether or not to marry Edward.

The story starts with a blushing but grinning Faith telling Bella that she had lost her virginity to Jacob and is pregnant, saying that she felt complete. When Bella asks how she knew it was the right time, Faith knowingly tells her that its never really the right time but your decision that makes it all the better especially since she loved Jacob. Bella blurts out that she wanted to have sex with Edward but he wanted to wait till they were married but she admits that she doesn't want to after seeing the affects of he parents divorce. Faith understands Edwards side about getting married but stands beside Bella's decision as a friend. Faith fights about Bella going to collage saying that she need to be turned into a vampire or there would be consequences with the Volturi but Edward argues staring that there were ways for the Volturi not find out but Faith quickly counters saying they always find out sometime and that people usually die.

Edward tells Bella and Faith that the mysterious killing spree in Seattle is done by a newborn, a newly changed vampire. Away from the ears of Edward, Bella tells Faith her worries about changing and hurting Faith, her family and Charlie. Faith was quick to assure Bella by saying she would never hurt Charlie and that witches blood wasn't as tempting as humans. Even going as far to say that Bella could have very good control since she was preparing to change anyway.
The wolf pack

Edward talks Bella into seeing her mother, Renee Dwyer for the last time before graduation and her change into a vampire he even manages to persuade a suspicious Faith into going along with her. Both Bella and Faith enjoy the heat as they visit Renee but mostly Faith stays in the beach to give Bella and Renee time together. As they return they are met with a worried Jacob who quickly lectures Faith that it was stupid to go away from him with Victoria around. Furious at Edward for keeping secrets from her she skips school to hang around the wolf pack who had three new wolves brother and sister Leah Clearwater, Seth Clearwater and Quil Ateara, relaxing around there playful air. Ignoring the bitter and angry Leah when she insults her, but remains happy as she stayed with Jacob's arms around her. Faith reluctantly forgives Edward only if Bella was aloud to visit La Push with her when he went to hunt, reluctantly he agrees making her promise to keep Bella safe to which she rolled her eyes eyes like it was a stupid request. One night when Bella and Faith were sleeping over at the Cullen's Rosalie finally tells them about her sad past intending to try and stop Bella from coming into a vampire. Faith horrified about Rosalie's past questions why she never told her to which Rosalie admits that she never wanted Faith to know about what happened to her, how weak she was. Faith tells her that she would never be weak in her eyes.

Faith later finds out that it's not only one newborn creating the killing spree in Seattle but a whole army. Jasper tells Bella about his past as Faith tells her parents about the new information so they were aware.
Jacob black

Faith and Jacob spend a night together before the day of her graduation when Jacobs worries about which collage she would go too but Faith tells him that she wouldn't be leaving for collage and rather staying in Forks or mostly La Push with him stating she would never actually concentrate with out him near. It was very hard for imprints to be kept from each other. They make love when Billy leaves to visit Sue Clearwater the now sad widow, and Jacob admits that he never thought he would ever get a chance with her, after having a crush on Faith since he was just a little boy. Faith touched by his words simply kisses him again and falls asleep quickly. Moments before Faiths's and Bella's graduation, they realise that the army of newborn vampires are under the control of Victoria and therefore will be coming after Bella. Having no other allies since the Denali coven refused to get involved in the fight, the Cullens and the La Push wolf pack join forces to battle Victoria and her army in order to protect Forks and Bella.

Donna and Ben join forces with them but are reluctant on having Faith fight which is agreed between the Cullen Clan and Wolf Pack not wanting her to get hurt, but Faith argues strongly that they would need everyone and she would fight with or without there consent.
The alliance

Before the battle Bella pleads for Faith to stay with her and Edward still finding as her best friend that was a human and not a strong witch. Faith tells Bella she couldn't not with every one she loves out there fighting, especially with Jacob. Bella sadly understand and hugs her tightly making Faith promise to come back to which Faith hopes silently that she did come back. As the battle starts Faith and Jacob arrive helping the Cullen's and Wolf Pack. Faith helps as much as she can keeping an extra eye on her parents, she nearly gets her arms ripped of but is saved by a Esme who helps Faith rip the vampires arms and head off.

Faith is horrified as Jacob get injured saving Leah Clearwater from a vampire that was still alive, mangling the whole right side of his body before the vampire is killed by Sam and Paul. Faith leaves the field with the wolf pack not staying with her parents and the Cullen's to worried for Jacob to care about the Volturi. She stays outside as Carlisle patches Jacob up trying to comfort Billy but stops as she breaks into tears at Jacob's first scream, crying herself only to be comforted by Embry.

She is sadden by the sight of Jacob after Carlisle finishes with him and quickly fled the room for Billy to have a moment with Jacob. She is consoled by Bella who came too see how Jacob is doing and only after Bella leaves does Faith go to see Jacob. She feels guilty admitting that she should of done something but is quickly interrupted by Jacob who says it wasn't her fault. She stays beside Jacob's bed never leaving as she helps him recover.

At the end of Eclipse it is seen that Faith and Jacob get a wedding invitation and both agree to go, since faith is Bella's maid of honour.

Breaking Dawn Edit

"We're all here to protect Renesmee, every vampire, every wolf, every witch. Every single person here wants to fight for her, fight against the Volturi. And I'll be damned if I'm going to let anything happen to my family"

-Faith speaks out to the witnesses the Cullen's had brought

Faith is seen in Breaking Dawn stepping out of her car to the Cullen residents, a bag over her arm, she tells the curious Bella that it is her dress for the wedding and that no one not even Alice knew what it looked like. She is amused by Edward who buys Bella a new Mercedes Guardian for her protection and teases Bella about it any chance she had, she helps plan the wedding with Alice. Jacob had given her a promise ring which Bella thinks is romantic mumbling that she wished that Edward have her one instead of an actual ring. Faith tells the Cullen family that she may decided to grow old with Jacob when he stops phasing making them upset, and Rosalie insult the wolf pack but Esme and Carlisle understand and support her decision. She helps Bella move out of Charlie's the night before the wedding and they spend time together knowing that it would be the last time they would be sleeping next to each other.
Wedding dress
The wedding goes smoothly and Faith meets the Denali's again speaking mostly to Kate who she seemed to get on with better than Tanya and Irina. She defends the wolves when Irina speaks up about them, stating that one was her mate and that they were to be left alone. Faith only calms down as she see greets Carman and Eleazer, she introduces Kate, Carman and Eleazer to Jacob showing that she trust the three of them enough for Jacob to be around them. She argues quietly with Jacob who finds out that Bella and Edward will make love when she's still human, and calms Jacob down quickly before anything could happen. She only dances with a few people. Seth Clearwater and the Cullen males even dancing with Eleazer who she is wary of after finding out that he used to work with the Volturi

Faith hugs Bella and Edward goodbye as they go there honeymoon and leaves with Jacob and Seth who quickly get out of there suits and shift into there wolf forms, Faith takes her heals of and runs ahead of them declaring a race.

Faith spends most of her time Jacob and the wolf pack. Her parents Donna and Ben who had grown closer to the wolf pack are seen with Billy, Sue and Charlie, who they spend time with since he is now alone after Bella left for her honeymoon. Faith is overjoyed when long time friendly friend Rebecca Black who comes back to La Push for the summer holidays, she is the most happiest that Paul imprints on Rachel, finding it fitting that everyone she thought of family is either supernatural or involved with supernatural. She is the one that calms Jacob mostly when he gets angered at Paul who now is a regular accurance in the Black household, even though she is happy that Paul imprinted on Rachel she too gets aggravated by Paul who still doesn't understand her love for the Cullen's or bloodsuckers the nickname Paul happily calls them. Her visits dwindle in La Push as she starts to visit the Cullen's who now are bored since Bella and Edward are on there honeymoon they relish in her visits. Faith even begans to bring a reluctant Jacob who only comes stating that even though the Cullen's are not a danger to Faith the imprint bond still makes him worry.

She is there with the wolf pack and imprints on the beach of La Push when Leah demands when they would kill the Cullen's when they turn Bella but Sam quickly denies saying that it was Bella's choice to become a vampire. Leah argues reminding them all of the treaty but Jacob shoots her down saying it was the elders who made the decision and that it couldn't be changed. When Bella calls Faith in clear worry Faith demands to know what had happened and is startled when she finds out that Bella is pregnant with a half vampire child. She promises to protect Bella and her baby after finding out that Edward had planned for it to be killed. Donna and Ben Carter side with there daughter since the baby would be half human. Faith tells a worried Jacob who thinks of the half vampire baby as monster and thinks it should be killed but Faith heatedly tells him if he harmed the baby that she would leave him. Faith and Jacob who she makes promise not to tell the pack or anyone else pick up a tense Edward and Bella who quickly seeks protection in Faith's arms.

After situating Bella at the Cullen's house Rosalie, Emmet, Esme, Jacob and the Carter's come to her side protecting her against the rest of the Cullen's who wish for the baby to be out of Bella who becomes sick as the baby grows extremely fast, she is slowly dying as she can not adjust to any food. They come to find out that the baby seems more comfortable around Faith making it more easy for Bella. Faith becomes more guilty as Jacob starts to distance himself away from everyone, knowing that it was because of her making him not phase and see the pack in case they see anything about the baby. But her worry for Bella and the baby overrides it as she becomes Bella's heat pack as she grew more and more colder.

Faith is the one that comforts Jake after he phases since Sam had ordered him to phase and tell them why he had been hiding. She is mostly hurt that the wolf pack would think of killing the Cullen's but latches onto anger as she finds out that they planned to kill Bella as well. She persuades a reluctant Jacob to have Seth and Leah Clearwater into his pack after he leaves Sam's and creates his own. Edward can now hear the baby finding out how much it adores Bella, and stops his argument about killing it and comes to love it, Jacob remarks that Edward could never hate someone who loves Bella. Everyone is startled when they find out that the baby had even made a connection to Faith in the womb that sparks interest in Donna and Ben and openly wonder if Faith and the Baby have bonded something the witches call saltellare. They give the Cullens and Jacob's pack insight into the witches clans, telling stories that about the Saltellare stating that it is very rare but a very beautiful thing. After Bella asks what type of bonding it is since of Jacob imprinting on Faith, they tell them it like a very close friendship that nothing could ever break. Bella now grateful that her baby will have something like that in the future relaxes.

They come to realise that the Baby urges blood after Jacob jokes that it was half vampire after all. Bella becomes healthier to the relief of the house occupants. Faith is amused seeing Alice now goes out of her way to stay near Jacob who doesn't shrug her off finding her to be me of the safest vampires even saying that Alice was like a pixie on drugs. After having a typical Bella moment dropping a cup of blood she breaks the placenta Edward, Rosalie, Faith and Jacob have to quickly perform a emergency surgery since Carlisle is out with Esme and Emmet hunting. They manage to save the baby which is a girl and before Bella passes out she decides to name it Renesmee, Edward in rushed panic nearly throws Renesmee in Rosalie's arm to get her out of there. Faith and Jacob help Edward to save Bella's life and are nearly horrified after her heart stops beating only to be in relief after it starts again with Edward venom in the process of changing into a vampire. Faith meets Renesmme later on after being nearly dragged out of the room by Jacob where she bonds with Renesmee stopping the near fight between the Cullen's and Sam's pack.

Faith never stays far from Renesmee who cry's whenever she is not near, she mostly is the one to hold her creating tension between her and Rosalie. Renesmee urges Faith and her parents to always perform tricks to which she finds amusing, and begins to think of Faith as a older sister. Faith lets Renesmee only see Bella after she begins to transform but is always around one of the Cullen's who worry about Bella wakening up without them around to protect the witches and Renesmee.

Renesmee as a baby

Faith is relieved as Bella awakens after three days but does not get to see her since she needs to hunt so she can have more control around the Carter family and Renesmee, she passes Renesmee to Rosalie knowing that if Bella did lose control she would be the only one to stop Bella, her or Edward. She is the first to greet Bella after Jacob even hugging her not thinking about Bella's control which they find out is very good after seeing her reaction to Faith not even flinching away from her. Faith and Alice are the only ones that are not worrying about Bella around Renesmee, even arguing against the rest of them to give Renesmee to her mother. Bella's angry finding out that Jacob had nicknamed her daughter Nessie after the Loch Ness monster only to calm down by Faith, Bella is first confused about the bond between Faith and Renesmee until like the others think of it as a natural thing. Later, Jacob, aware that the Cullen's are planning to move away, thinking that Faith will move with them since of her bond with Renesmee phases into his wolf form in front of Charlie, he thought Charlie was the reason they were leaving. Charlie is shocked to discover Bella and the Carter's has known about the mythical world for years, and tells Bella to tell him only what is absolutely necessary for him to know. This allows Bella to keep her father in her new life without putting him in danger.

As Renesmee grows quicker everyone but Faith starts to worry as Faith thinks that she she will stop growing when she gets older, but doesn't voice her thought in case she is wrong. Jacob takes Faith away for a week to spend time by themselves which they haven't had since the arrival of Renesmee. Jacob tells a ecstatic Faith that he will be coming with her and the Cullen's when they leave Forks, and Faith comments that Jacob soon will become a official Cullen just like she was. Months after Bella's transformation Jacob, Faith and Renesmee go hunting with Bella and Faith even helps Renesmee catch a deer for her to feed on though she does make a disgusted noise as she does. Irina see's them and runs off to inform the Volturi of Renesmee thinking her of a immortal child something that is against there laws.

When Alice learns of the Volturi coming after them she flees with Jasper leaving a note for them to get witnesses. The Cullen's split up to find witness, like nomads and other covens, such as the Irish and Amazon covens. Faiths parents leave to retrieve there close cousins who are also witches. In the mean time Bella finds out she is a shield and trains with Kate to expand her shield to protect everyone from the Volturi's powers.
This is war

Faith begins to train with her family who had come back with her two cousins Miranda and Lola Perret. Miranda the youngest is imprinted on by Seth much to the aggravation of his sister Leah. Faith becomes closer to the to the Amazon coven even thinking of them to be close friends, she also creating friendship ties to Benjamin and Tia two human drinkers from the Egyptian Coven.When the Volturi arrive at the end of December, the Cullens and their allies manage to convince them that Renesmee really is half-human, but Aro, dead-set on claiming the gifts of the Cullens and the Carter family and some of their friends, plots every possible justification to kill Renesmee. When Edward faces Aro alone Faith grips Bella's hand tightly comforting her while her other hand it on Jacob who is in wolf form with Renesmee on him incase the three of them had to run. She encourages Bella who protect everyone from Jane's power even forcing a little pain Jane's way.

Before the Volturi declare war, Alice and Jasper arrive with vampires Kachiri and Huilen and half-vampire Nahuel, to prove that Renesmee's future is safe to the vampire world. The Volturi have no more plots to declare a war with the Cullens, and, with the help of the shape-shifters, the witches, Alice's research, and Bella's gift, retreat to Volterra, though Irina pays for her mistake with her life. After the confrontation Faith hugs the still wolf Jacob and relishes in there victory with the others.

A week after the Volturi left Jacob and Faith are in Bella's and Edwards cottage babysitting Renesmee who sits between them watching as Faith made things float around in the air. The two of them laughing as Jacob watches fondly renesmee find out that faith is pregnant and have Grayson who imprint on nessie

Physical Appearance Edit


"The girl that followed the Cullen's made me instantly blush. She was very beautiful and was dressed seductively in clothes that seem to cling to her body like a second skin. She walked with the at most confidence

-Bella seeing Faith for the first time since they were young children.

Faith is described as coming off as very seductive and teasing in Twilight, she has a olive skin tone from her Spanish side that never faded even in the wet weather of Forks. Physically, she is a very beautiful young woman with an oval face, light olive, almond-shaped brown eyes which are sometimes mistaken as doe-eyes, and smooth, long, dark brown hair. Her height is about 5'5" to 5'6" and she has a slim, slightly athletic physique. She attracts many boys attention to which she ignores until she meets Jacob Black.

Her goddess like beauty becomes a hundred times better in the eyes of Jacob Black who imprints on her after seeing her for the first time after phasing.

She has a faint scar on her back from Eclipse when Victorai slammed her into a tree truck that begins to fade after a few months, and a small birth mark on her shoulder that is lighter than the rest of her skin. She prefers darker clothes, and mostly wears skinny jeans and high heels making her taller her fashion changes in the progress of the movies, her clothes starting to become lighter and less clinging.

Her voice is described as a silky smooth and when she gets emotional her voice becomes huskier as her Spanish starts to come out.

Personality Edit

"I've never been one to worry so much.

-Faith on herself

Faith is seen as calm and collected and sensible when it comes to making decisions. She has a very wry personality, often making keen observations or somewhat humorous comments in a dry tone. She is normally very cool and unflappable, calm under pressure, and extremely competent. She does things with minimal fuss, displaying grace, skill, and dignity. She hasn't had the need to worry much in her life since the Cullen's spoil her with nearly everything but doesn't become bratty and uptight as most would think.

Her witch powers create a wall between the humans she knew as she was a afraid she would lose control, making her seem cold to everyone. Faith is usually a very fun and happy person but becomes serious in dear situations especially when it comes to her powers and the safety of her love ones.

She is protective of her family and love ones but makes sure not smother them knowing how annoying that is since of Rosalie who is very protective of her. She keeps her emotions bottled up which becomes a bad thing when she finally lashes out as her powers are intact with her emotions. She rarely lets people see her as weak trying to appear strong for everyone. Her choice in music sometimes annoys Edward and creates arguments between them whenever she listen's to her music to which she blares even more loudly to annoy him. She prefers rock and country finding them calming though some people find it different.

When it comes to fashion Faith is more of a rockish, hip look. Never alternating between girls or tomboy but in the middle. She never really wears makeup finding it a annoyance and only when she does wear it is mostly light and natural. She likes accessories, never seen without some piece of jewellery. She prefers darker colours for her clothes only wearing light clothes when she wants to look presentable or couldn't care as to what to wear. Even though she lets Alice use her as a personal model, she stops Alice from going overboard, being the only person that can stop Alice in clothes. Like the Cullen's she loves speed and prefers racy, flashy cars though she holds a soft spot for Bella's slow truck.

She is very brave as she faces Vistoria head on in New Moon and fights the newborns in Eclipse. She is very motherly as she is always eager to look after Claire who she finds adorable. She is very caring for the the Cullen's and Wolf Pack finding them to be another family for her, and would do anything for them. Even facing death to protect them, even nearly dying as she tries to save Quil from a newborn in Eclipse

She has a habit to run a hand though her hair when she becomes worried chick happens mostly around Bella she even admits that she never really worried until Bella came to Forks but doesn't hold it against her. She is very sisterly to Bella finding themselves as family just not blood related. She never showed any interest in any boys knowing that they would freak if they found out about her and is scared of falling in love until she meets Jacob Black. She is a very good actor as she lies many times to Bella about the Cullen's in Twilight.

Unlike Bella, Faith finds the cold satisfying and loves living in Forks and doesn't prefer the startling heat like Bella. She prefers snow over the regular rain in Forks though she plays in both of them. Faith even comments that she sometimes dances in the rain saying it relaxed her and made her feel like a child again. Her dislike for heat diminishes as she starts to prefer it as she gets used to Jacob's warmth.

Faith rarely gets shy but around Jacob she becomes less louder and self-conscious even blushing when he would kiss her but she becomes more confident around him as they began to date. Bella even comments that Jacob brings a side of Faith that she had never seen or knew about. She very hard-headed and stubborn seen when everyone wants her to sit out in the fight between the Newborns and her family and argues with them. She is somewhat a push over with Bella especially around New Moon when Bella wants to ride motorcycles.

Powers and Abilities Edit

"My powers when I use them, Bella. It's like breathing, every time I use them it makes me feel...good. My powers are apart of me and I think if it was possible for me to loose them I would never live without them. It's like being a superhero without the hero part."

-Faith reflects about her abilities to Bella

Being a witch is like being a vampire except with a beating heart and no need to drink blood Faith once admitted even though witches detest vampires. Faith has a extreme good sense of smell, eyesight and hearing just though not as good as vampires and shape-shifters something Emmet Cullen always reminds the Carter's. Faith has vampire like strength but relies on her reflexes which are enhanced, she can feel when a vampire is about to attack and see there movement. Her blood like all witches is poison for vampires, if they try to drain them. It mostly keeps a vampire sick but if a vampire drains to much blood it will actually die.

Faith and her family have mental walls that protect there minds from supernatural powers that affect the mind like Jane's power to create pain and Edward power to read thoughts.

Faith can also control the weather something that is mentioned in Twilight when she tells Alice she could stop it from raining. Something that makes her get on very well with Benjamin. It is also known that Faith can stop herself from ageing at any time she liked in New Moon. She never really considers it until Breaking Dawn so she can be with the Cullen's. faith can also feel other witches when they are near her saying it was like a pleasant hum that washes over her body when a witch is close. In Breaking Dawn Faith shows that she has the power of telekinesis when she moves things with her mind for Renesmee's amusement.

Faith bonds with Renesmee when she see's her for the first time though it is mentioned that they already had a unusual bond when she was in the womb. The bonding is called Saltellare witches describe the bond as rare but a beautiful thing.

Relationships Edit

Faith is the impintee of Jacob Black and daughter of Donna and Ben Carter, she is first cousins with Miranda and Lola Perret. And is the future daughter in law of Billy and Sarah Black and sister in law of Rachel and Rebecca Black.

Jacob Black Edit


"I've had a crush on you since I was a little boy. I fell in love with you before I phased the imprint only strengthens my love for you. And I'm going to love you until my heart stops beating and even than I'm sure I'm gonna continue loving you. I'll never stop"

-Jacob assures Faith about his love for her in New Moon

Jacob Black is Faith's boyfriend and possible future husband becuase of him imprinting on her in New Moon. He is a shape-shifter that kills and destroyes vampires.

Jacob Black is a family friend and is the first boy Faith actually notices in Forks and La Push. Finding him to be different and eye catching than others. Faiths feelings for him were only friendly until they became closer until falling passionately in love which only strengthens after Jacob imprints on her. He makes Faith drop her walls around her emotions and relaxes around him more than she would than others, he even makes her blush something she rarely did before. Jacob first has a small childhood crush on especially as she grows up finding her the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. Faith is drawn in by his innocence of the supernatural world, thinking of Jacob as her way to feel human and forget about vampires and witches, she is only more fascinated by his sunny personality and caring attitude to his father Billy Black finding him to be very big hearted around his family. She finds him to very handsome with his dark skin and straight white teeth though she doesn't act on his attractiveness not wanting anything romantic to happen between them and ruin there friendship that she clings too. Faith is sometimes worried about the imprint thinking that is the only reason why he loves her but Jacob is always quick to assure her that his love for her had nothing to do with the imprint but his feelings for her before. Jacob sometimes makes her forget things easily when he is near even calling him her personal drug that numbs her worries. In New Moon they become closer even more intimate in there touches, holding hands and cuddling together.

When the Cullen's leave in New Moon Jacob makes sure that Faith knows that he is there for her, going out of his way to keep her happy. He is secretly relieved that the Cullen's had left since he could spend more time with Faith, who comes to see him every day. They nearly kiss once but are interrupted by Embry and Quil much to Jacob's annoyance who pulls them away to yell at them. Jacob would do anything for Faith seeng as he lets Faith be around the Cullen's and helps Bella in New Moon to fix the motorcycles because Faith had asked.

In Eclipse Faith tells Bella that her and Jacob had made love, both of them wanting the experience with each other even though Faith is embarrassed that the wolf pack will see her intimate moments with Jacob. Faith though loves Jacob very much puts him on the same pedestal as everyone rather that putting him for everyone else. Jacob seen to go at any lengths to keep her happy even hiding his pain when his right side of his body was mangled by a newborn, he is protective of her but doesn't hover over her knowing Faith will get annoyed something he doesn't like. They never stray far from each other finding it painful. Faith rarely uses the imprint bond over Jacob wanting him to have a mind of his own and only uses it in Breaking Dawn to keep Bella and Renesmee safe from the wolf pack.

At the end of Breaking Dawn Faith, Jacob and Renesmee are in Bella's and Edwards cottage with Faith making things float for the enjoyment of Renesmee as Jacob watches warmly. Which begins there happy lives.

Bella Swan Edit


"I didn't want Faith to fight the newborns. I was already about to faint at the idea of the Wolves fighting to protect me, but I couldn't, wouldn't let her fight. Not my Faith. Not my sister the only one that actually understood me. I didn't care that she a powerful witch, she was still the little girl with pigtails to me. Not a witch. Not a vampire killer."

-Bella's thought about Faith fighting the newborn army

Faith and Bella share a sisterly bond even saying that they were all but sisters in blood. They are very protective over each other especially after Bella turns into a vampire.

Bella was Faith's best friend before she stopped visiting Forks but they still kept in contact emailing each other every day, Faith was the only thing that Bella saw as a bonus of going back to Forks describing that Faith could ease away the dreary weather of Forks with her wide smiles.