"I'm powerful with my fear manipulation... but Marco... he can do so much more."
Marco 1

Marco: able to duplicate the abilities of others.

Empathic mimicry is Marco Ivanov'special ability to duplicate the abilities of others.


Marco's gift allows him to duplicate or "absorb" the abilities of others within the proximity of him and then produce of them at will. Upon meeting someone with an ability, Marco will immediately duplicate it and be able to use it later.

Originally, Marco had to concentrate very hard to think about the person from whom he received his ability to use it. Eventually, he was able to use the abilities he had duplicated almost like a second nature, and he could even occasionally do it without even knowing the people whom he received the abilities from. He is also able to use multiple abilities at the same time.

Bella Swan and Alessandra Cipriano are not able to block out his ability. 


Due to being a vampire hybrid, Marco's gift is very straining on his body. He will often get migrains and become ill if he uses his ability for long periods of time.



"His gift isn't from either of you... at least directly. It's from Jax's father, my son-in-law, only Marco's gift is so much more interesting."
―Marcello to Jax and Kasandra

Marco's gift is inherited from his paternal grandfather, Javier Torres, who had the potential to have the gift of empathy if he was ever turned into a vampire.

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