Demon Vampires were the very first Vampires in existence beside the Original Vampires, only one being has been known to be a Demon Vampire which is both a Original Vampire and a Demon with that being Lilith Gaian whom was the mother of the first Original Vampire and her successor: Cain Edenson, the only time she became a Vampire and the Progenitor Vampire was due to the deep bond between her and her son when Cain became the first Original.



  • Lilith Gaian - The mother of Cain and became the first and only Demon Vampire, she was the Progenitor Vampire and an Original, she became a Vampire through a Magical bond she had with her son and she created the First Demons. After being made the First Demon by Archangel Michael and thereby destroying her humanity in the process, Lilith became a Vampire also and took a group of humans into a dimension known today as hell where she made them into Demons also and sealed the door behind her on her return, her blood was drained by her three "Children" (Cain, Lillian and Alex) while Cain drained her of the last drops which inherited her Vampire Soul.


Demon Vampires are dramatically far more powerful than Originals and had the strength to overpower three of the oldest Originals in existence, despite this the power in her blood strengthened the three children by the end of it, there was only one Demon Vampire and none of such a dangerous breed were created again.