"Aro, I declare Canada to be a place where the Voltori are not welcome, My Family and I am not afraid of your army, for we have passion and our own laws, so i kindley ask you to leave at once."
―Damian declareing Canada a Voltori free zone
Daniel Cross
Biographical information

5th Febuary, 1900


21st July, 1925 (Aged 25)


Carlisle Cullen

  • The One (By Marcus)
  • That Rebel (by Aro)
  • Dan (By Alexis)
  • Danny (Carlile)
  • Teacher (By a human Edward Mason/Cullen)
Physical description






Hair color


Eye color
  • Grey (Human)
  • Golden (Normal)
  • Onix (thirsty)
Skin color


Family information
Family members
  • Jessica Cross (Cousin)
  • Alex Cross (Cousin)
  • Alexis Cross (Mate)
  • Jason Corss (Nephew)
  • Jacob Cross (Adopted Son)
  • College Professor

Daniel Cross, was born to Delia and Cain Cross in the the late 1800s in London, England. He was later witnessed His parents death the were were killed by a serial killer, he is the second fastest vampire in the world, almost as fast as Edward Cullen. He can be very stubborn, very independent. Daniel is one of the if not the most powerful vampire in the world, he single handed killed 10 members of the Voltori guard in one battle, abet they were going to execute Alexis and he has never replicated the amount of power he had that day.

History Edit

Human Life Edit

"Daniel Theodore Cross" was born into the wealthy Irish-British Cross family, and was the only child of Delia and Cain. His dream was to become a businessman and a scholar like his father... his parents were later killed by the Voltori on his 17 birthday. on the while out for a hike in the woods on the eve of his 24th birthday, he was attacked by a nomadic Vampire. Lucky for him Carlisle Cullen caught the scent of his blood sent when walking home carried him home and tended to his wounds after 3 days of rather painful transformation he awoke reborn.

Vampire Life Edit

As a newborn Daniel befriended Carlisle whom Daniel turned the year after the four traveled together for several years. Daniel Stayed with the Voltori for a 2 years before leaving after finding out Aro and Marcus killed his parents. Daniel later travelled to the united states where he met a young Edward Masen (Edward was a 10 a year old human at the time) he mentored him greatly in the maters of philosophy and taught him general life lesions, along with his cousins Jessica and Alex.

Daniel is the Leader/Founder of the Canadian Coven one of the only Canadian covens and one of the few that does not respect the Voltori rule. Daniel is a close friend of the Olympic Coven in nearby Washington state.

Present Edit

Daniel and the Canadian Coven are currently residing in Whistler B-C. They hunt in the surrounding mountains, Daniel is a Professor of Criminology at the University of British-Columbia. Daniel is also well as a part time consultant for the Victoria Police department when they have a rather heinous crime, he will secretly use his enhanced abilities to solve a crime.


  • Daniel has no tolorence for the Voltori what so ever
  • Daniel is 225 years old in total
  • Daniel and his Coven do not live under Voltori rule, they have there own rules.
  • Daniel is the world's most powerful Telekinetic Vampire
  • In his free time he will play video games, play music
    • Daniel plays the Violin, Piano and Guitar and Base Guitar
    • He is also quite the vocalist (even before his transformation)