Cipriano Coven
Cipriano Coven
Founding information
Founding time

October, 1689

  • Forks, Washington (current location)
  • Macquarie Island, Australia
  • St.Paul, Alaska
  • Ithaca, New York
  • Reykjavik, Iceland
  • Lothian, Scotland
  • County Monaghan, Ireland
  • Velingrad, Bulgaria
Founded by

Marcello Cipriano

  • The Cipriano's
  • Cipriano Coven
  • European Coven
  • Cipriano Clan
  • Bloodsuckers
  • Leeches
Membership information
  • Marcello Cipriano (leader)
  • Jax Ivanov
  • Rozalia Cipriano
  • Izabela Ivanov
  • Theodore Cipriano
  • Kasandra Cipriano
  • Gavriel Cipriano
  • Lilyana Cipriano
  • Alessandra Cipriano
  • Aleksander Cipriano
  • Mariella Cipriano
  • Marco Ivanov
  • Violetta Cipriano
Special characteristics
Special abilities
  • Marcello: Hunter (human life), student, lawyer, and professor (vampire life)
  • Jax: Doctor (human/vampire life)
  • Rozalia: High school/college student
  • Izabela: Writer (human/vampire life), high school/college student
  • Theodore: Architect (human/vampire life), high school/college student (occasionally)
  • Kasandra: Teacher (human life), student & designer (vampire life)
  • Gavrial: High school/college student (occasionally)
  • Lilyana: High school/college student
  • Alessandra: High school/college student
  • Aleksander: High school/college student
  • Mariella: High school/college student
  • Marco: High school/college student
  • Violetta: High school/college student

The European coven, also known as the Cipriano covenCipriano clan, or Cipriano family, is a coven of vampires. It consists of Marcello, Rozalia, Kasandra, Theodore, Lilyana, Gavriel, Mariella, Violetta, Alessandra, and Aleksander Cipriano, as well as Jax, Izabela, and Marco Ivanov. The coven also consists of five vampire hybrids. All thirteen members are supernaturally gifted.

The Ciprianos are the second largest and most powerful coven, with the Volturi ranking above them in numbers, but not in power. The Ciprianos live off both human and animal blood; though they mostly feed from animals. They, much like the Cullens, are more mature and stable than other vampires.

They are a very loyal to each other and, despite not feeding off only animal blood, have formed strong family bonds with one another. They put some value into human life, though it is less than the Cullen family does. They currently live in Forks, Washington alongside the Cullen family.