Bree was created by Victoria as part of her newborn vampire army to avenge James' death in Eclipse. This army ravaged Seattle, killing many under the guise of a serial killer. Bree never saw Victoria, as her "assistant", Riley, was the one who told the newborns what to do. During the battle, she surrendered herself to Carlisle Cullen, who planned to spare her life. Before the Volturi came, Bree tried extremely hard to resist Bella's blood, trying to adapt to Carlisle's way of life. However, she was killed by Felix on Jane's orders for breaking the Volturi's laws, only to damian to rescue her aro let her go as alex had grown attached Contents [hide] 1 Personality and traits 2 Film portrayal 3 Appearances 4 See also

Personality Edit

Bree was described as beautiful and traits Bree was described as beautiful and slender with short dark hair to her chin and glowing blood red eyes. She was also young, around the age of 15. When Bree screams she has a high, shrill voice.

now Edit

she was given a 2nd chance at life.and she met alex bridgeman