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Andrastria Ray is one of the newest additions to the Niagari Coven, which was started some eight hundred years ago by Aditi Niagari, the recently deceased leader, who has been succeeded by Mikhail Ray, one of her most ardent supporters.


Andrastria is described as being a tall, athletically built woman with wavy ebony black hair and dark blue eyes that go red when she's thirsty and/or angry. Being a strange woman, she doesn't often stay within the limits of the Niagari Coven, still trying to get used to life among others than just her mate, who was killed thirty years ago by an unknown vampire that she's been hunting for the last decade or so. Andrastria, as described by her coven personality wise is very stubborn and secretive, never revealing anything about herself, and is a little eccentric. She has lost touch with humanity, and needs to learn about the modern world...again to be able to interact with others. She has an old fashioned way of speaking, and is indifferent to what goes on around her. Without the coven's knowledge, she is dating a Werewolf warlock hybrid named Nikolai Ray, whose last name just happens to be the same as the coven's, but he shares no affiliation with them, except for the fact his mother was Aditi Ray, who bore him in secret away from the other vampires. She also is distracted and fascinated by shiny objects like the following- sunlight, mirrors, silverware, glass cups, china plates, etc.


She can make people go insane, and must be careful, because that includes her as well. Like other vampires, she is able to run faster, smell better, see farther, yadda yadda, basically enhanced senses and inhuman beauty.


"Ooh...shiny!"- Andrastria to Mikhail Ray shortly after joining when spotting a sparkly pool of water.

"How you dare!"- after Meredith Ray insulted her.

"Alone. So alone."- Mikhail watching Andrastria stare at her reflection in a mirror.