Alexis Cross
Biographical information

5th Febuary, 1900


21st July, 1925 (Aged 25)


Jessica Cross



  • Lexi (By Damian and her friends)
  • The Girl (By Aro and Marcus)
Physical description






Hair color


Eye color
  • Grey (Human)
  • Golden (Normal)
  • Onix (thirsty)
Skin color


Family information
Family members
  • Jessica Cross (Cousin)
  • Alex Cross (Cousin)
  • Damian Cross (Mate)
  • Jason Corss (Nephew)
  • Jacob Cross (Adopted Son)
  • College Porfessor

Alexis Cross is a member of the Canadian Coven and she is the mate of Daniel Cross

Life Edit

Alexis Cross, was born in the Midwestern united states, She went to school with and befriended Jessica Cross. a few years later Alexis became very ill, She pleaded to her friend to do what ever she could to save her, Jessica who was a nurse at the local hospital bit her and turned her. Daniel later fell in love with Alexis and the two began a romance that would last forever.

When the Voltori began coming to the new world to try to bring order, Alexis was captured by the Volturi and was used as bait to lure her mate Daniel in to combat , the Volturi planed to execute her to try to make him fall in line or kill them both if he does not. However Daniel saved her, he fought and killed 10 Voltori Guard members. Using his then unknown to the Volturi special abilities sparring Aro, Caius and Marcus to tell them that the Canadian Coven was under his control, on the condition than he does not meddle in there affairs and are be left alone. Since then The two clans have held a relatively peaceful relationship and mutual respect.

Abilities Edit

She poses all the normal vampires powers but her balance, compassion and beauty seem to have taken a dominance in her personality she is also extremely protective of her family.

Trivia Edit

  • Alexis is a polyglot: she speak Latin, Italian, French, English and Spanish
  • Alexis is also a capable musician she can play Piano, Mandolin, Guitar and Violin.
    • Being very artistic she also composes her own music.
  • Alexis is the only American born member of her clan.