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Aditi Ray was the first leader of the very small Niagari Coven. She let Andrastria in after Mikhail had spotted her. She is now dead, dying at the hands of Callum O'Daley.

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Niagari CovenEdit

She started the Niagari Coven eight hundred years ago out of loneliness when a man named Callum O'Daley joined her, and helped gather followers. When she didn't appoint him her successor in case she should die, he left. She chose Mikhail Ray instead.


Alexei- A human, Aditi met and fell in love with him twenty years ago, and instead of telling him she was a vampire, she hid it from him, and became pregnant with Alexei's child. Shortly before she had her son Alexei was killed by a thirsty Andrastria. Both were said to be soulmates.

Andrastria Ray-

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She had long, straight dark brown hair and red eyes.